One Project a Week

Lately I’ve often found myself sitting at my desk at home, staring at my computer screen, trying to decide between a bunch of different hobby projects I’ve been meaning to pursue and ending up doing nothing.

So, I’m going to try something new: every week I’m going to work on a small, self-contained creative project, and post about it on here when I’m done. I’m inspired here by Ramil Ismail’s Game A Week concept, but with somewhat looser rules, and a more general goal: to head off the creative paralysis that comes from too many ideas and not enough time.

The projects will be:

  • Reasonably self-contained, in a way that I can consider each one ‘done’ by the end of just one week.
  • Creative in nature: games, code, engineering, writing, music. (Edge cases I’m less sure about: game modding, lego models.)
  • Different every week. If I want to come back to a project, it’ll be separate from the new one that week.
  • Unrelated to my day job; done entirely in my spare time.
  • Posted on here in some form by every Sunday night.
  • Really, really rough, given the limited time I have between work and other obligations, and given that many (most) of the projects will be in areas I’m new to and/or not very good at. Seriously, most of this stuff will be terrible. But it will all be a learning experience!

Posting the projects here will be mostly for my own benefit; although I’m always working on something in my spare time, I rarely get up the courage to share any of it. I think doing so will give me a useful deadline and some extra motivation to make these things as solid as I can in the limited time I’ll have.

That said, maybe I’ll even come up with something of interest to other people. Let’s see how this goes!