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Week 2: Save the Tomato

This past week I’ve been learning Unity‘s new UI and its 2D graphics and physics systems, so for my second weekly project, I’ve made a little game with it. It’s incredibly simple and rough, but here it is (click the picture to download; Windows only):


I bought all of the art assets for 25 bucks at the Unity Asset Store (Fantastic 2D Art Massive Bundle). The goal of the game is to collect as many coins as you can without letting the tomato touch the ground. See how high you can get the score! My record so far is 33. Supports the keyboard (space to jump) or an Xbox gamepad (A to jump).

This was about 5-6 hours of work (much of it spent watching the excellent Unity tutorial videos). The hardest part was figuring out character movement; it turns out it’s pretty tough to get solid-feeling movement in a physics-based game! I’m still not completely satisfied with it–it’s a bit floaty and not as responsive as I’d like–but it’s good enough…

Anyway, this is my first Unity game, so they’ll hopefully get better from here!

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