Week 5: Wendel the Lamp

It’s been an exceptionally busy week, so my weekly project is a tiny one.

I needed an adjustable lamp for to illuminate some figurines I was painting, so I built one with stuff I had lying around. I call it Wendel.


The base and adjustable arm are built from a Tamiya Universal Plate Set and Universal Arm Set respectively. The light source is a board of my own design from last year: a 4×4 array of the very popular Worldsemi WS2812 addressable surface mount LEDs with decoupling capacitors, plus a laser-cut frosted acrylic diffuser. The light board is stuck on with double-sided tape, and the wiring is threaded (with some slack) through supports in the arm.

An Arduino drives the lights. All it does is keep them all at full brightness.

This is obviously a ridiculously inefficient design for a white lamp–these are RGB LEDs, and it’s pretty silly to have an Arduino there just to tell them to be white!–but it does produce a nice, broad, diffused light. Most importantly, I made it in about an hour with things I had lying around–most of the time spent figuring out how to use the Tamiya parts. And it works great for what I needed it for!

And doing it this way means I can adjust the color temperature by reprogramming it, which is pretty neat.

Anyway, I’ll have a more interesting project next week, hopefully. 🙂


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