Week 8: Attempted Cinemagraph

I absolutely adore cinemagraphs–still images with subtle, looping animation. There’s something mesmerizingly timeless about the best ones. For this week’s project, I tried to create my own (large file, may take some time to load–sorry):

It’s just some buildings on 9th St NW as seen out of my window, with the reflection of a car going by. My main takeaway from doing this is to wonder how the heck cinemagraph creators keep their file sizes reasonable! This thing is huge, despite the motion being fairly subtle (everything but the big tree and the car going by is completely still).

On the plus side, I think I hid the point where it loops pretty well (I can’t see it, and I know it’s there)–the end of the original video quickly crossfades back into the beginning.

So, all in all, a modestly successful experiment with some as-yet unsolved problems. Next time I’ll see about reducing the size–by lowering the framerate, using a shorter loop, and/or a smaller animated part of the image.


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